Display a PDF generated by Indesign in Acrobat Reader

By abdouabdou ·
I created a document (a report of fifty pages is an even number A4) on Indesign, creating in the workspace of pages vis-?-vis all is well so far. However, when I export to PDF button by checking the box "boards" in the "Pages" window that appears when you export the document, the generated PDF file is not displayed as I wishes: On Acrobat Reader, the first page (cover page) is displayed in the middle of the window of Acrobat, the other pages (except the last) are displayed next to one another but are "stuck" constituting an A3 page, and finally the last page is displayed alone in the middle of the window.
What I want is this, because I saw PDF Xpress facts like this:
* Page 1 (the cover) is displayed alone but it must appear to the right of the window (and not the middle).
* The intermediate pages (from page 2-49) are displayed next to each other: opposite page 2 page 3, etc., but not stuck (forming a whole page A3).
* The top 50 (the last) to the left of the screen.
Do you have any tips?
Thank you in advance.

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That may just be the display settings in Acrobat.

by seanferd In reply to Display a PDF generated b ...

You can display pages in several different ways. Unfortunately, I no longer use Acrobat, so I cannot necessarily be specific and accurate, but it should be something like View → Page Layout.

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