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Display Driver issues

By juniorjeppesen ·
This could possibly be the biggest bone head issue but if anyone has a solution I would love to hear it This problem started with a cd burner getting half way through the burn then erroring so I took the box apart to run a diagnostic on the burner at restart I recieved an error at start up saying something about \machine\hardware\system and I could not get xp sp2 to start so I went through recovery and chkdsk to get it to start at startup there were many errors that it listed after this I started the system and had errors in device manager at display adapter for nvidia geforce fx 5200 and at nvidia audio I removed the drivers for all nvidia and reinstalled motherboard audio display drivers etc it all worked except the display so I downloaded new driver from nvidia 7189 (6693 previously) this didn't work so I downloaded 7184 which works until I restart then I have a device driver could not start error in device manager properties I can disable and then enable and get the display to work but after restart the system reverts to the could not start error What am I missing

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by TheChas In reply to Display Driver issues

I suspect what you ended up with is a corrupt OS.

Windows 2000 and XP look very closely at system hardware at startup. You must have disconnected a critical piece of hardware.

I would start by manually reinstalling SP2 on your system.
Run Windows update.

Then follow up with a registry cleaner.

Finish up with the latest drivers for the chip-set on your motherboard, then the display driver.

If that does not correct the problem, I recommend a fresh clean install of XP.

Considering the initial problem with your CD burner, you may have a hardware problem too.
You could have a failing hard drive, or a bad RAM module.
Either could cause the problems you have.


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by juniorjeppesen In reply to

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Display Driver issues

Chas is quite correct here and I think that most of your problems came about by using the Recovery Console as you most likely have a XP disk without SP 2 on it so it would have given you all those error messages which you corrected back to SP 1 level and then started it up again. You should have tried safe mode first before even considering the recovery console.

OK so the damage has been done if you can not roll back to a known good Restore Point you are faced with a clean install of XP. But do as Chas suggests first try reinstalling SP 2 it just might work though personally I wouldn't be holding my breath in anticipation but it is worth a try as it just might save you a lot of time.

Also replace the data lead to the CD Burner as it may have been damaged when you removed it but when you do this pay careful attention to the red strip on the edge of the lead and make sure that it goes back in the same way it came out.

If the above doesn't cure your current problem you'll need to backup all of your data to something and then wipe the drive and reinstall XP the common folders that you have to look at are the My Documents folder, any programs that have their own Data Files like MYOB or similar programs and also remember to backup the Address Book and your e-mails as well as your favorites list.

The e-mail and address book can be exported from Outlook/Outlook Express and saved to a folder that you have previously created for these and the favorites list can be found in the following area C:\Documents & Settings and then your user name in there you will find a icon that looks like a star and is labeled Favorites, you can just copy from here to a temp folder to save these along with your stored e-mail and address book.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

When you have reinstalled XP all you need do is copy the Favorites folder back to that same location and then open Outlook/Outlook Express and then click on the file scroll down to the Import listing and then import both the stored e-mail and address book. While this may sound a pointless exercise you should always keep any sent e-mails just for legal reasons just in case someone alters one of your e-mails and sends it on in the altered form if that was to happen and you have deleted the sent e-mail you are unable to prove that you didn't send it.

I hope that helps you out if not lets know and we'll see what else we can come up with.


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by juniorjeppesen In reply to

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Display Driver issues


I just could not resist this. You say what am I missing?

You're missing full stops, commas, capital letters, question marks

Sorry to make fun. It's like listening to somebody speak at a thousand miles an hour.

Good luck?

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by juniorjeppesen In reply to

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by donmars In reply to Display Driver issues

Did you reinstall SP2? Do it if not, very important.

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by juniorjeppesen In reply to

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by willcomp In reply to Display Driver issues

The best remedy to attempt is a repair install of XP using a CD with SP2 included. If you cannot borrow one (easiest), you can slipstream SP2 onto your copy of XP.

Here are links with more information:

Repair Install

Slipstream SP2

Once you finish repair install, load drivers and you should be good to go.

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