Display Driver Shuts Down Monitor Turn Off ?

By Gaarzen ·
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Hey guys,
I'm having a really weird problem for a very long time now..
My display card is Nvidia Geforce GTX 470 and for some reason most of the time it shutsdown and the display turns off even before I reach the windows screen.
If I let the card rest for a da and turn the computer on it usually works and then I have to keep the computer running and never turn it off for it to keep at it.
I have a very strong workstation (original by HP) with a power supply of 1050V and the card does seem to get pretty hot although the fans work just fne and I replaced the thermal paste a couple of times but the problem occurs even if I wait for it to cool off completely.
I have the latest display drivers if that might be an issue.

Anyone knows how to fix this?
Thanks a lot !

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Well just the Obvious

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Display Driver Shuts Down ...

NVidia had problems with poorly designed Chips a while ago. Seems that they failed because the design was wrong so have you personally Goggled your Video Card and seen if there was a recall issued for it?

Personally I only use ATI Video Cards so I've never had the issue that so many NVidia users have suffered.


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