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Display goes balnk and restarts

By kala755 ·
O.S is WinXP Pro, problem the display goes blank and PC restarts without warning.When I chech theevent view I see the Error code 0000001a, and Event ID:1085. Pliz help me on how I can overcome this.

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by ccollins In reply to Display goes balnk and re ...

Does it do this in safe mode? If so it could be a hardware fault, if not try updating the video drivers. Unplug any peripherals and see if it still does it. Also, run it with the cover off and check to see if all the fans are working and nothing's making a weird noise. What is listed as the source for this event, as this id is a user evironment thing. Check your antivirus is up to date and working. Check for spy/malware.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Display goes balnk and re ...


Just had a quick check on Event 1085 and it applies to a range of problems, none of which really match your description. Can you give full details of the event? Or you can check it yourself by going to

Good luck

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by SciFiMan In reply to Display goes balnk and re ...

Does it reboot over and over and never starts up? Or does it get running then at some point it suddenly has the problem? Is this a fresh install or a previously working system?

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by philldmc In reply to Display goes balnk and re ...

More information is needed here. What type of system, what type of video card...

Without knowing much more then what you gave, the first step I would do is Update the following drivers in order.

Direct X

without knowing the make of your motherboard or what video card you are running I can't lead you to the updated drivers but here is the like to Microsoft's Direct X

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