Display goes dim when I turn on the wireless card.

By tango402a ·
I have a Compaq c770us laptop that whenever you press the wireless button, the display powers off/looks very dim. I already formatted and installed a clean installation of Vista with all updated drivers from the hp website and it's doing the same thing. Sometimes it goes into an unwakable sleep mode. The device manager show everything working properly. And if you shine a light at the display to see what is going on it you can see it connecting to wireless networks!

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On battery?

by seanferd In reply to Display goes dim when I t ...

It sounds like the NB is severely underpowered.

<i>you can see it connecting to wireless networks! </i>

Like, how many?

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by tango402a In reply to On battery?

It does it on battery AND plugged in with no battery and hard reset. If you look at the dim display you can see it discovering nearby networks and connects to mine.
I went into the power settings and told it to never ever sleep for any reason and now it stays on but the backlight still turns off.

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Check to see

by wesley.chin In reply to Display goes dim when I t ...

Open the Start Manu, type in "Power options"
and look to see if there is setting that got changed to cause what you mentioned.

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Power options

by tango402a In reply to Check to see

Yep, I tried it and it no longer sleeps when i do it, but the display still turns off even though I told it to never turn off the display.

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Check the poer options in BIOS setup, then.

by seanferd In reply to Power options

They may be causing this.

Otherwise, I would be suspecting a hardware problem. Have it looked at, especially if the device is still under warranty.

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