display is too big

By cbeal11 ·
I just got a used computer from Quicken Loans,
the default display is set at 96 dpi - 640x480 I cannot change the setting but everything is too big on the screen have to scroll to see everything, can't play games, all of the screen does not show. How can I change the default setting or can I at all?


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Display is too big

by animatech In reply to display is too big

I don't understand why you cannot change the settings - If you are right click anywhere on the desktop nd choose properties > settings can you change the display resolution or it is grey out.
Do you have a graphic card installed?
does you graphic card work?

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by alwaysadriver2004 In reply to display is too big

It sounds like you are missing a driver, or your computer is using the wrong one. You should be able to choose the "default monitor" driver but better yet would be "plug and play" monitor. Right now, your computer can't figure out which monitor you have, and it's set to whatever they used at Quicken

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Have you considered it might be 'maxxed out' . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to display is too big

Without knowing the make and model of this copmputer, and without knowing the operating system, and without knowing the age of this system:

You may have a rather old machine that cannot change its screen resolution.

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