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Display Memo to users at login

By stephenh ·
I have been looking for and app that will allow me to display a memo (doc/pdf) to all users when they log into the domain (win 2003 r3). once they acknowledge the memo they never see it again.Track-able results. any ideas would be appreciated.

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by JPElectron In reply to Display Memo to users at ...

I can think of a few ways to do this...

a) login script launches the .doc or .pdf - that same script prompts (using the 'choice' command) "have you read the document? y/n - when they press Y and enter, create a file like marker-read.txt somewhere in the user profile - if this file exists, then skip processing that section of the login script next time arround

b) create a simple program (visual basic or otherwise) and set that program as a custom shell (meaning this program will load after login, rather than the usual explorer.exe that windows loads) this application should have the the .doc or .pdf embedded in the main window, don't allow that program to quit/exit unless they press a "I have read this" button - when the button is pressed set a reg key, or a marker file, and load explorer.exe You would also check for this file or reg key when the program loads, and if found skip loading the program and go right to loading explorer.exe instead

...with either of these above options, you could also write a "log" to a file on a network share, that summarizes the time, date, computername, username - each time a user indicates "I have read this"

c) use the show message before CTRL+ALT+DEL logon as implemented by group policy or local computer policy, see:

d) use the login script or startup folder to launch IE right after login, use a captive portal product like DNS Redirector to redirect every attempt to visit any website to your internal website with the .doc or .pdf displayed, this webpage would also have a button "I have read this" which would log the action, and toggle the user as authorized to surf to other websites.

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