Display- No DVI sIGNAL

By dmiles ·
One day while playing a game,I paused the game for a minute,upon returning I received no DVI signalthe display is an Asus 23.6,VH242H,Started truuble shooting and nothing worked,to check the connection I used another display at the DVI connector and it works.
So why doesn't the Asus monitor work?

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Aside from the model error

by Michael Jay In reply to Display- No DVI sIGNAL

and I guess that is a typo, have you tried the Asus on another PC, if it does not work there I hope the warranty is still in effect, as that would show that the monitor has failed.

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Display VH242HL

by dmiles In reply to Aside from the model erro ...

Okay the typo has been corrected,so the monitor could be the issue even though it will work with VGA

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That would indicate to me

by Michael Jay In reply to Display VH242HL

that the DVI input is having an issue, not being too knowledgeable about that unit, their may be a setup setting in the OSD that could clear the problem, but I would guess you have already gone down that path.

Out of answers for now, hope you can get it resolved.

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Have you checked the the Video Lead?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Display VH242HL

They sometimes break one or more connections just near the Plug particularly if it's pulled through a tight turn/bend.

Another possibility with those monitors is that they part way dislodge the Connection where the Video Lead plugs into the Monitor by dislodging the connector from the Circuit Board. That may be repairable if the monitor is no longer Under Warranty but if the Circuit Board has broken or the circuity failed between the DVI Plug and the remainder of the circuit Board as there is all Surface Mount Circuity Involved it's very difficult to do much about repairing the Circuit Board.

I've seen quite a few Acer Monitors fail like that and if there is no warranty involved it's messy. If the thing is still Under Warranty don't touch it just return it to Acer or their Agent for repairs. If you touch it even if told to by Acer they may not honor the warranty. I've heard of that happening on more than 1 occasion.

The limit of what you should try if it's not the Video Lead is clearing the Monitor and resetting it. Try returning it to the Defaults and see if that helps but I would defiantly say do nothing more if it's UG other than getting onto Acer for a Warranty Return Authorization.


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Asus not Acer

by dmiles In reply to Have you checked the the ...

I can't see how the connectors could be the problem , when I was playing a game when it happened
I was playing BF2 and hit the pause button on the keyboard when I received a phone call,upon returning to the game I received a No DVI Signal,I have checked and performed troubleshooting,resetting the monitor and last connecting another monitor to the DVI connector and it worked,the display properties will only show the Display as Generic and I am unable to locate drivers or INF files for the Asus moniitor is not listed in the Device Manager List,and no drivers are listed on Asus web site

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Have you tried "Safe mode"?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Display- No DVI sIGNAL

If it works in "Safe mode" then you will need to reset the settings on the monitor itself. Sometimes there is a timer setting for how long the monitor goes to sleep you will need to change this.
Hope all goes well.

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