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    Display on 4 bits and can’t get it back to normal


    by razubel ·

    I hope that someone can help me with this new problem that just happened last week.
    Turned on my notebook ASUS L2000 (pentium IV mobile) one morning to find out that my screen was only showing a very small image of the desktop in the center of it.
    Checked the display properties and it shows being on 600×800 as screen resolution and only 4bits as for colours. The thing is that it doesn’t allow me to change it. There are no more options and the display shows to be the only number 1 monitor and a standard monitor as it appears.
    Can not update drivers either for the monitor or card which is an ATI Radeon Mobility M7 cuz it says that the drivers I have are the best ones available.
    Tried searching for drivers and/or tools without luck.
    If anyone knows about this I will appreciate the help.
    Thanks a lot

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