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    display on monitor faint


    by smitwell ·

    The display on my monitor is very faint. I have switched monitors and it is the same. If I adjust the brightness control on the front of the monitor it is very clear.. STUMPED

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      by jschein ·

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      You did not sumbit what kind of graphics card you have… Go into the settings of your diplay properties and goto ADVANCED… Check the gamma and brightness there, change those settings and you should be fine.

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      Reply To: display on monitor faint

      by wlbowers ·

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      If you switched monitors and the problem remains then it is computer bound.

      If you have done nothing that would suggest a change in drivers or a conflict, like installing a software package that requires specific video, you might have corrupted drivers.

      Go to the manufacturers site and download the most current drivers for your video card.

      Once you have the executable on your hard drive.

      I download all drivers to a folder in My Documents called install\drivers.

      Once you have the new drivers downloaded you can try a overinstall. If this works great if not you might need to remove the current srivers and do a fresh install.

      Go into your display settings and change the adapter to VGA. This is a generic driver that will allow just about anything to run. Now go to add/remove programs in your control panel folder and see if the video card drivers are listed. If so remove them. Now reboot.

      Just know that when you reboot the display will be set at 16 bit color.

      Now go to the executable for the fresh drivers and install the new drivers. Follow the directions
      and you should see the video clear up.

      If after you do this and you still have problems the cause is probably going to be hardware.

      Good Luck Lee

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