display on monitor suddenly is smaller than screen

By crimlawdoc ·
Somehow the screen display on my monitor re-sized itself so that it is smaller than the screen, and I can't seem to get it to re-size back up. Clicking the restore, or minimize, buttons at the upper right corner doesn't help.

I have Windows XP on a Vaio notebook machine.


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I take it you mean the Active Window is too small ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to display on monitor sudden ...

In which case click the middle icon in the top right corner so that it shows 1 box as opposed to 2 overlapping boxes.

Now, go to the bottom right hand corner and left click and HOLD on the little fresnel markings in that corner.

Drag diagonally until the window fills the screen again.

When you next close this screen use the 'X' in the top right.

When it next opens it should have retained the same sizing/positioning.

If not, post back.

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If that doesn't work ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I take it you mean the Ac ...

Navigate to Control Panel > Folder Options > View [Tab] > check that "Remember each folder's view settings" is ticked.

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yup it was ticked.

by crimlawdoc In reply to If that doesn't work ...

Checked. That box was/is ticked.

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still no joy

by crimlawdoc In reply to I take it you mean the Ac ...

Should have said it is Vista, not XP! Sorry!

OK I tried that first thing. I can get the upper right middle box to be one square instead of two; but then when I go to the lower right corner, there isn't anything to grab hold of to drag (is that what you mean by "fresnel"?).

Thank you for your response! Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Delany Dean

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Check native resolution setting.

by nepenthe0 In reply to display on monitor sudden ...

Click Control Panel > Display > Settings > Screen Resolution. Adjust to preference.

Sony Vaio allows you 2 monitor settings, so be sure the 2nd monitor was not inadvertently selected. You will find this just above the resolution slider bar.

Also check Display > Desktop and be sure you have selected stretch wallpaper to fit screen.

Richard M. Brown, MD/JD
admitted to the Oregon Bar

P.S. - I hope you're doing defense work, or I'll blame myself for assisting the enemy...

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sorry, it's Vista; still not working

by crimlawdoc In reply to Check native resolution s ...

Absolutely, doing defense work, Richard!... (although long ago I was a prosecutor)

I realized after I posted this problem query that I inadvertently relapsed into a belief that I was using "XP," although actually it is Vista.

The screen res thing doesn't help; it is at the proper setting for a 15" monitor; and I haven't changed my wallpaper; it was "stretch," before, and it still is... I was in the middle of doing some blogging when I realized this had happened, and am not sure at what point it did this screwy thing...

Thanks for your response, and if you have other ideas I would be most grateful!

Delany Dean

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Does the wallpaper cover the screen when stretched?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to sorry, it's Vista; still ...

Can you see blank space around the wallpaper as if the entire viewable "desktop" is smaller than the screen width? If so, dose the monitor have an auto-adjust? Can you use the monitor adjustment settings to enlarge the viewable desktop? Maybe you bumped a button on the monitor itself.

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thanks everyone!

by crimlawdoc In reply to Does the wallpaper cover ...

OK, thanks, all, I managed somehow to fix it. I right-clicked over in the dark area to one side and there was an option to re-configure something (I wasn't taking notes, just poking around, as usual) and so I tried one of the other (larger) monitor configuration options, and it worked. For some reason, the same thing did not work when I tried to do it by way of the control panel... Oh gawd this stuff is so crazy, and exasperating, and time-consuming... BUT this is my first time on this forum and I am so impressed that I have had 3 people try to help me, right away, on a Sunday evening! Thanks!

Delany Dean

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We are here 24 hours (well nearly)..

Nice to know everything is working as it should.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Defense attorney - what a relief!

by nepenthe0 In reply to display on monitor sudden ...

Glad it's fixed. I have 2 Sony computers (desktop and notebook), originally equipped with XP MCE and XP Pro (respectively). I purchased them as 'Vista capable' and actually installed Vista Home Premium on the desktop. It was 2 weeks of absolute misery.

I reinstalled XP MCE on the desktop, and have had no problems since. Whether or not you can persuade Sony to 'downgrade' your OS to XP Pro, consider purchasing a copy of XP Pro ($299) before June 30th, when Microsoft pulls it from the marketplace.

I have a premonition that the frustration you incurred today will revisit you at the most inconvenient occasions. So check your options regarding XP Pro, but if Sony stonewalls, the $299 you spent for XP Pro will seem like a bargain.


Richard M. Brown, MD/JD ('Rick')
Portland, OR

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