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    Display Problem in Windows 2000 family server


    by adityakss ·

    My OS is Windows 2000 server family, all my support drivers installed correctly and working fine but my display card (VIA/S3G KM400/KN400)is getting problem while installing driver.

    After installation when iam changing my resolution the error it is getting is “The Display Control panel is unable to change the display seetings. The Graphics driver returned an unexpected error.”

    I have uninstalled and installed drivers several times – but iam unable to rectify the problem, please let me know the problem and tell me the procedure to set for correct resolution.


    K S S Aditya

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      Reply To: Display Problem in Windows 2000 family server

      by fungus-among-us ·

      In reply to Display Problem in Windows 2000 family server

      Oh boy…. VIA/S3 just those letters and numbers put in that order made me gag (and throw up a little). Best bet is to find the drivers you need directly from the manufacturer of the videocard. If your video is integrated into the system board (motherboard), then look for the drivers from the motherboard manufacturer. Another option is to get the driver directly from the CHIP manufacturer. I tend to update my video drivers whenever there is a new version released, but I have noticed that the “latest” drivers aren’t always the “greatest” drivers. Same may apply to you… you may want to find an older driver that is more stable. Or if you are installing the driver from a CD that came with the video/motherboard, it may be an older version… and you may want to try a newer version. Another possibility is that the driver package you currently have available to you is corrupted.

      Good Luck

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