Display Properties all tabs are missing

By bob-laura ·
I have been trying to get back all my tabs for about 2 weeks now in Display Properties (screen saver, etc). Not sure when they disappeared. I have tried all the registry fixes, all the values are set correctly. I have a 2nd windows folder (windows2) and if I start up in that folder all my tabs are there. I don't want to use this folder because of all the programs I would have to reinstall.
Any suggestions?

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hello my name is steve

by nightman_1978 In reply to Display Properties all ta ...

hello bob i need some help for the windows xp about the display properties i'm missing the desktop and the screen saver and i don't have any backup cd to fix it and i just want to now if you know how to fix it and that wood be cool and the other thing is the bluescreen screen saver is not working to and my defargment well not start thank give me a email back at

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Hello Steve....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to hello my name is steve

First. Here is a link to a source of many XP fixes. Go to #285 and to the right hand panel. Click on the link that says; "Restore All Display Tabs." Save the .REG file to your Desktop and run it from there.
You may also want to perform an XP System Restore by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore. There you can select a date prior to when the issue began. This can also be done in Safe Mode.

Second. When you have a computer problem, create a new Question thread. By posting a Reply to someone that appears to have had a similar problem, you probably will not get a response or the response you are looking for.

Third. It is never a good idea to post your email address in a forum thread! These postings remain available on line for a VERY long time and unscrupulous visitors or spam proliferators can add your address to their 'hit list.' Therefore, If I were you, I'd edit your post and remove your address!

If someone has a possible solution to your issue, they will reply to your post rather than sending you an email. That's the way it's done here.
Unless of course, you are one of those 'unscrupulous' people and are just fishing for an email address yourself. If that's the case, you are in the wrong place!

I hope this helps.

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Thank You

by akirastarr2k3 In reply to Hello Steve....

That was THE BEST information provided to fix my problem. I had a virus and this virus acted like a virus scanner and when it started running the scan, by itself might i add, it was actually installing the virus itself and one of the things it did was uninstall my screen saver tab and a few other tabs in my display props and also installed its own screen saver which was very annoying. but your answer helped more than enough. THANK YOU!

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