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Display Properties Tab Missing

By MrHRoark ·
I run Win XP SP2. Suddenly, my Display Properties has only 4 tabs (ie: Themes; screensaver, Appearance; Settings). Desktop (where you would change wallpaper, etc) is completely missing.
How can I get it back?

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by ctrservices In reply to Display Properties Tab Mi ...

Try the following link

If that doesn't work, Start?Run?type ?mmc? (without quotes)?File?Add/Remove snapin?click the Add button?select Group Policy?click Add?click Finish?click Close?click OK?expand Local Computer Policies?expand User Configuration?Administrative Templates?WindowsComponents?Windows Explorer and disable "Turn on Classic Shell".

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by djfandango In reply to

Excellent, been looking for days now and some tech guy told me i would have to format my HDD, glad you were here!

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by wgcross2 In reply to

Long-Story-Short... I just lost the Desktop tab (w/it's General and Web tabs) and the Screen Saver tab(with all it's embedded goodies) in the Display Properties dialog box. Additionally my wallpaper changed to a default no-pattern blue. Interestingly, there was nothing wrong with my security/policy settings. Nor any opportunites there. Inspection of the registry, Hkey_User and Hkey_Users showed some curious changes over relevant areas. I ran a deep malware and viral scan thereafter. I had been hit in both modes, apparently while on the internet. The scumware had turned off my background while preparing to overlay a dummy (picture) of my desktop, and ensuring the screen saver was also turned off, etc. I was able to take hold of my system and work through the problems. Checking the registry entries could be very important/useful, regardless.

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Sort of Same problem - need help

by wbcostas In reply to

My daughter's seems to have the same problem except her destop picture is of a warning for Win32/Adware.virtumonde. Could you outline exactly what you did to get rid of it? Did the spyware scans, installed and ran Trend Micro, etc. $%#%^^ picture still there and dosplay property tabs desktop and screensaver missing too. Appreciate the help.

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by Sammy12oz In reply to Display Properties Tab Mi ...

Start - Run - gpedit.msc, enter - User Configuration - Administrative Templates - Control Panel - Display.
Here you will find many display options you can adjust.
Hope this helps

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Display Properties tab...

by Lost Cause? In reply to Display Properties Tab Mi ...

came back after I found this script and ran it --
Copy it to Notepad and save it as Display.vbs

'Restores missing tabs in the Display properties
'For use with Windows? XP only.
'Created on May 09, 2006
' Homepage:
' Copyright ? 2006, Ramesh Srinivasan

Option Explicit
Dim WshShell, basekey,basekey2, rtn
Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")


Sub Task1()
On Error Resume Next
rtn = WshShell.Regdelete (basekey & "NoDispCPL")
rtn = WshShell.Regdelete (basekey & "NoDispAppearancePage")
rtn = WshShell.Regdelete (basekey & "NoDispBackgroundPage")
rtn = WshShell.Regdelete (basekey & "NoDispScrSavPage")
rtn = WshShell.Regdelete (basekey & "NoDispSettingsPage")
On Error Goto 0
End Sub

Sub Task2()
On Error Resume Next
rtn = WshShell.Regdelete (basekey2 & "NoThemesTab")
rtn = WshShell.Regdelete (basekey2 & "ClassicShell")
rtn = WshShell.Regdelete (basekey2 & "NoChangingWallPaper")
rtn = WshShell.Regdelete (basekey2 & "ForceActiveDesktopOn")
rtn = WshShell.Regdelete (basekey2 & "NoActiveDesktop")
rtn = WshShell.Regdelete (basekey2 & "NoWebView")
On Error Goto 0
End Sub

Wshshell.RUN ("regsvr32.exe shell32.dll -i -s")
Wshshell.RUN ("regsvr32.exe themeui.dll -s")
Msgbox "Done"
Set WshShell = Nothing

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Display Properties Tab Missing

by wbcostas In reply to Display Properties Tab Mi ...

I had a spyware in my daughter's computer...tabs anti-virus wallpaper put up...couldn't change it. Downloaded and ran 2 free programs that fixed everything. a) Install and run SuperAntiSpyware and b) Install and run Malwarebytes Anti-malware None others worked...these did. Good luck.

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