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By rako ·
When I booted up today my system would only display 16 bit color at 640 x 480. It will not allow any other setting nor are any options listed. I have tried changing it manually and rebooted several times. I went into safe mode to look for errors andalso in "systems" under the control panel but saw nothing. Do it need to reinstall Win98 since I have rebooted several times and probably the old settings have already been erased or changed?

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Display settings

by Alpha-Male In reply to Display settings

No, you most likely don't need to reinstall the OS. What has happened is your system has "thrown" its video drivers. If you have tried just resetting your driver to the correct video driver and it didn't work, try this:

Boot into safe mode and delete any display adapters you see in your system.

Reboot and let the adapter re-detect. Install the correct video driver for it. Reboot. Set your display settings to the resolution/colors you require.

If this doesn't work, you can try downloading and manually installing the latest video drivers for your video card. You may also want to install the newest version of Direct X after some cards require it.

If this doesn't work, let me know and I'll try to help further.

Good luck!

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Display settings

by TheChas In reply to Display settings

Whenever I have display problems, I proceed with the following updates in sequence;

AGP Mini-port driver for the motherboard / chipset
If you need help identifying the correct files to download, check out the identifier tools and links at

DirectX; Many video drivers require that you install DirectX before installing the video driver. You can download DirectX from Microsoft. It is your choice as to the latest, or an older version. Just make sure you have at least the minimum version required by the video card driver.

Video card driver; I always install the latest driver form the card mfg website. (Even for new cards on new systems)

Monitor driver; You may be able to use the default W98 drivers. But, check if the monitor mfg has a specific driver.


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Display settings

by rako In reply to Display settings

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