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Display stays black after boot "No signal input"

By Jinxflinger ·
Ok, upon booting there is no input to the screen (I know it's not the monitor/it's cord, I don't know about the d-sub ports though), almost directly after booting the "...lock" key lights all flash, afterwards none will turn on (even after pressing numlock ect.), the mouse lights don't turn on, but I don't know if that's part of the problem. The power button will turn on, as will some green light on the motherboard. I've tried booting without the HD (I know virtually nothing about hardware). All of the fans work.
The currently known specs are as follows:

1 GB RAM ( :S )
P5VD2-VM motherboard.
Intel Processor (covered by a fan...)
That's all I've been bothered to look at so far.
It hasn't been overclocked to my knowledge, and I've tried resetting the cmos jumper anyway.
I was wondering what kind of hardware failure this could be?
And, it's incredibly dusty, could this effect it overly?
And, could this be fixed without new hardware?

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