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Displaying SYSLOG an Apache Webpage

By dnguyen ·
Anyone know how I can display my syslog files, (i.e. /var/log/cisco.log) as a webpage in Apache?

For example:

http://server/cisco --> shows contents of /var/cisco.log

http://server/hpdevices --> contents of /var/hp.log

etc, etc, etc...

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by cpfeiffe In reply to Displaying SYSLOG an Apac ...

A simple method is to have your DocumentRoot point to the directory that the log files are in and don't have an index file. It will just display a list of files and when you click the file it will open. I have done this very simple method before. If you want a more elaborate method you can use an index file and write some html code. I have also used Perl/CGI to build a log search engine.

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by dnguyen In reply to Displaying SYSLOG an Apac ...

Thanks cpfeiffe... However, this server is also serving multiple functions and I need to have a seperate web instance so as not to break anything else...

I'm using a Virtual Host right now, but it only displays one file and I have to use the following syntax: http://server:10000

I don't want to use just port numbers because it will be easy to forget.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Displaying SYSLOG an Apac ...

Might I suggest just using webmin?

It is a pretty great all around administrative tool that REALLY makes life easier.

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by jmgarvin In reply to

IIRC it has webalizer in the you could just grab that.

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