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disposal of old (obselete) equipment

By shiny_topadm ·
Does anyone have suggestions about how to get rid of some very(!) outdated equipment? I'm talking about 2 working "mini-computers" that the manufacturer has long since been out of business. I suppose they could be disassembled and put in the dumpster but I don't feel right about the landfill at the end of the line. Anyone locally (central Pennsylvania) that accepts donations doesn't want these because the proprietary O/S has no commercial value anymore. They have several full-height SCSI drives (at a whopping 328MB each). Each cabinet weighs several hundred pounds, so shipping is likely to be more than the box is worth! Any suggestions?

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Search the web

by jdmercha In reply to disposal of old (obselete ...

Look for "old computer collectors". You should find several sites where you might find some intrest.

Then again you could always try Ebay.

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Try selling them on Ebay

by gralfus In reply to disposal of old (obselete ...

People will buy all kinds of stuff there. One man's junk is another man's treasure. Be sure to figure in shipping costs.

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Not too hard

by amcol In reply to disposal of old (obselete ...

Go to Google and enter "computer recycle Pennsylvania". You'll get over 75,000 hits ranging from schools that take donations to outfits that will extract the precious and toxic metals and dispose of the rest.

Does your company do business with Dell? If not, do you know anyone who works for a company that does? Dell will take old computers for recycle for free. Sometimes if you ask real politely they'll help you out even if you don't do business with them.

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Try a Computer Museum

by Hockeyist In reply to disposal of old (obselete ...

Google Computer Museum Pennsylvania. That may be an an option. Also a local contemporary artist may do something with it (it's amazing how much contemporary art sells for; maybe even more than the scrap value/original purchase price)
Try this link

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Use them for lawn ornaments

by ippirate In reply to disposal of old (obselete ...

Especially if you have neighbours with flamingos.

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How about...

by LiamE In reply to disposal of old (obselete ...

How about looking for a company that supplies props to film/tv companies?

You never know.

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by jasonmcc68 In reply to How about...

If you really just want to get rid of them there should be a metal recycling place that will take them. We actually got good money for our old systems that were proprietary and massive in size (thats what brought the money, the size) just for the scrap metal.

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check local laws

by mrafrohead In reply to disposal of old (obselete ...

I don't know about you guys in PA, but here where I live, you can throw old pc's in the trash.

BUT, no monitors or toner cartidges...

If that's the case, just wipe your hard drives, and junkem...

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Not very environmentally responsible

by amcol In reply to check local laws

But a post like that coming from surprise.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Not very environmentally ...

dude f|_|ck off.

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