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Creating a Rich Media Presentation

by cto In reply to Distance Learning Solutio ...

Hi and welcome, my name is Colin Brown, founder of Syncnet we will be reviewing for the next few minutes the requirements on how to create a Rich Media Presentation that can be used on the Internet or CD-ROM.

First of all, what is a webcast? In our context with this course, it consists of creating a rich media presentation of Audio, Video, and Powerpoint all combined and synchronized into a presentation that can be displayed on the Internet or on CD-ROM.

The equipment required to do this is around $50,000 and if you think you?ll be doing many presentations in this format we can sell you the equipment so you can do it on your own, but if you are watching this presentation then we can assume that that you will be submitting your video and PowerPoint to us to synchronize and package for you.

So what will you have to do? You will need to create a powerpoint presentation outlining your topic. Then use your personal video camera to record your presentation in front of the camera. Then print your powerpoint slide handout and watch your video clock and write down the timing for each powerpoint slide transition. Then send it to us and we?ll send your materials back with a presentation on CD-ROM that you can reproduce as many times as you want or put on a website.

The minimum items you?ll need include a video camera, a computer with Powerpoint installed and a printer. The video camera does not need to be a high end camera. Any home video camera will work just fine. With our equipment we can use VHS, 8mm, MiniDV and DVD so as long as your camera came create one of these formats then you are set. And if you have a camera that does not output to one of these video formats, then just record your presentation and then plug your camera into your VCR and copy the presentation to VHS.

It is preferred that you have the following items, but these are not required. They only make your life easier in creating your presentation. They include
a video camera,
a computer with PowerPoint installed,
Graphic Software to create your own customized PowerPoint backgrounds,
A Printer is necessary to print out your PowerPoint handout timing script
A tripod to steady your video camera
Teleprompter software comes in real handy ? it helps you reduce the number of takes to get your presentation just right because you can read your entire presentation.
A nice colored or textured material to be used as a backdrop
Halogen lights to improve the lighting during your video shoot
And a microphone that is connected directly to your video camera to improve the quality of the audio.

What will follow are some tips on how to create a great video and presentation but be aware that whatever you send us is what will be produced. It isn?t going to be any better or magically improve once we take over. If you send us a video with bad audio or bad lighting, then your presentation will have bad audio or bad lighting.

The cost of editing audio or video is on average about $1500/edited minute so a 5 minute video can cost around $7,000. The way we keep costs way down is by using the materials you provide us, so shoot your presentation till you are happy with it!

Let?s talk about creating the presentation materials and review some quick tips.
You?ll need to know how to use Microsoft PowerPoint and your favorite word processor.

First we recommend that you create a complete word for word script in your favorite word processor like Microsoft Word.

Second, taking the information from your script create a powerpoint presentation, highlighting important parts.

Some tips on creating powerpoints,
Don?t use a PowerPoint template with hard to read colors. A white background is always safe and the easiest to read on a computer screen.

Don?t use transitions or animations?they distract from your message and they don?t show up anyway!

As a general rule you should not have more than 5 points you are trying to get across on a single slide, if you do then break up the slide to multiple pages or slides.

Practice, practice, practice. Practice your presentation in front of a mirror. Then practice again in front of the camera before turning it on. If you struggle to present in front of the camera we recommend you read your script. The best way to do this is use what newscasters and many other TV shows use? a teleprompter. There are some inexpensive teleprompter software available for your PC computer that allow you to load or copy in your script and then it will scroll down based on a timing setting. You can place your camera just above your computer monitor and only read the top lines before they scroll off the screen and you?ll have a nice professional look. We have created a resource page with links to the teleprompter software.

Goto: <a href=""></a> for more information

Also it is important to move your head from side to side. This will not feel comfortable?in fact it is down right awkward but the results make you look like you really know what you are doing and that you are comfortable.

Once you have completed your PowerPoint, check it for spelling errors. Since we only publish what you send ? if you send your presentation with spelling errors?the final presentation will have spelling errors and they can be embarrassing.

Print out your PowerPoint using the Handout/Slides Options

Copy the PowerPoint to floppy disk or CD-ROM depending on the file size. In most cases you?ll need to cut it to CD-ROM. But if you don?t have these capabilities you can also email the presentation file to ? you will want to follow it with an email telling us you have submitted your presentation because some ISPs will not allow you to send large files and may not make it! On our mail server we have no such restrictions on file size so if it gets stuck you?ll need to find a way to cut it to CD-ROM or try a different email provider.

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