Distributed Processing?

By wompai ·
Ey, guys

I've got a laptop and an old rig. I want to use the old rig to temporarily boost my laptops performance when I'm at home using distributed processing, like BOINC but then on a very, very small scale. Can this be done with two Windows 7 systems?

Thanks in advance.

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by robo_dev In reply to Distributed Processing?

Sell the desktop and use the proceeds to buy more RAM for the laptop.

Are there processor-intensive tasks that you do that can be offloaded to other machines? (e.g. video rendering, cracking encryption keys)

In general, you can only offload processing tasks IF the application running the task supports doing that, and then you need a separate OS-layer application (e.g. BOINC) to handle the distribution of the processing tasks.

The short answer is No.

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