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Distributed SPAM networks

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Have you had the unfortunate experience of coming into contact with a distributed SPAM network? Do you know how to read e-mail headers so that you can determine whether or not the e-mail is forged? Let us know if Jonathan Yarden's information concerning distributed SPAM networks is useful to you, as featured in the Feb. 17 Internet Security e-newsletter.

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Post the freakin article!!!!!

by mrafrohead In reply to Distributed SPAM networks

You know, the last three times you've asked these questions someone including myself have asked for the article to be posted.

Please, either start to post the articles, or stop asking these questions!!!!

With this one, I can't even comment from the question asked as I don't know enough about Spam networks.

But I do want to say this. I think that all Spammers should be taken out into a field where all of us computer nerds are allowed to publicly stone them! Death to all spammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They're the freakin the Devil Incarnate.


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come ON!

by Cactus Pete In reply to Post the freakin article! ...

I can't even find the damn thing. Searching for SPAM shows well over 400 hits in TR, but I'm not going to sift them all.

Brighter idea - search the author... Well, his 6 'recent' articles listed under his profile are from 2001.

TR, stop sropping the ball.

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I don't often agree

by road-dog In reply to Distributed SPAM networks

with my collegue, Mr. Afrohead. In this case, however, I agree with him on both counts.

If TR is going to solicit responses to an article, it is terribly bad form not to link the article. I spend enough time looking for my car keys, I don't needto be on a scavenger hunt.

I firmly believe that there is a special place in **** set aside for spammers and serial killers. In this particular area of ****, the spammers are set in front of a computer with an infinite supply of spam in the inbox. The delete key has a thumbtack glued to it facing upward. If they stop deleting, the serial killers are released.

If there is ANY justice in the universe, this is so.

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by mrafrohead In reply to I don't often agree

Thanks Road-Dog. That's the funniest analogy!!!!!

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Post a link to the article

by maxwell edison In reply to

I third the motion - Post a link to the article.

If you do, I'll reply. If you don't, I won't.

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Biting the hand that feeds us

by robwhite64 In reply to I don't often agree

I don't know about you other guys, but I get this information absolutely free and I find it invaluable. I could do a little research on the Web if I was so inclined, and find out more about distributed SPAM networks in about 2.7 seconds. But if I didn't even know that such a thing as distributed SPAM networks existed, I couldn't.

My point is, I'm grateful for any information TR gives me and I try to keep this in mind whenever I have a problem finding something out here or when they make one of their rare mistakes.

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Post a link to the article

by maxwell edison In reply to Distributed SPAM networks

I third the motion - Post a link to the article.

If you do, I'll reply. If you don't, I won't.

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SPorn (Spam or Porn)

by rick In reply to Distributed SPAM networks

The article does have some merit as to how spam can be transmitted from 'trojanized' computers.. but the reality is that most spammers send out several hundered thousand spam/uce emails a day from there own high powered servers located far away fromthe continental united states.

Tired of sporn? What moral person isn't? This is one problem that should be regulated by the us government and the internet service providers that knowing allow spammers to send uce/sporn should be held financially liable.

A lot of states do have laws that prohibit the sending of uce/spam.

Next step is to punish the virus writers and stop whining about 1st amendment rights.

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E-Mail Forgery

by martinehancock In reply to Distributed SPAM networks

How do you tell if the E-mail is a forgery?

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Email Bouncing off Content Engine

by mchampion In reply to Distributed SPAM networks

We had an instance where our Cisco Content Engine was used to bounce email spam. We were contacted by our state department that there had been complaints about us spamming. I just banned all smtp traffic to and from that equipment since it was only used for http only traffic and that seems to have stopped the problem.

I never thought about that piece of equipment being able to be used in that manner.

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