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Distributed Terminal Services

By dragon_u ·
Hello all,

A client of mine has come to me with a request, unfortunately I do not know where to even start looking. So given this, any pointers or links for research would be greatly appreciated.

So the scenario is this. The company contract with has multiple sites in multiple countries on multiple continents. Right off the bat this makes everything more complicated.

Currently only a handful of the larger sites are connected via vpn. (mpls is in discussion at the moment but might be a year off).

All of the large sites used to be independent, the vpn network has only been created in the last few months by demand of the client. Each one has their employees remoteing in via terminal services to their local site to gain resources.

Now these large sites have been connected to the Corporate domain but the employees still need to have terminal access to the company.

Enough with the boring background, now the interesting request.

My client would like to have some model of distributed terminal services. What I mean by that is that they would like to have a single public address that all employees will begin communications with. but once initial contact is made, to pass off the local (or closest/lowest cost) terminal server.

In most cases I understand this is not a big concern. but please take into consideration there is a reason that I used the term lowest cost.

My client has offices in (but not limited to one site per)... North America(Head office), South America, Europe, and Africa.

We can not afford to have an employee from South America or Africa trying to sustain a remote desktop connection (via satellite) to the head office Canada

I am not sure if this is even possible in the 2008r2 environment or not. I am hoping to avoid having a different external name for each terminal server.

Oh and I do have terminal services gateway through rdweb configured for users in the domain to connect to their local machines, this does function to allow them access on these remote connections, but they are just too slow and unreliable.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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