Distributing IP from Server 2003

By irsath ·
I am new to Windows server 2003 os.
I have smale network and There are 4 clients. for long time, The IP address has been issued by Router (Linksys).

The ip range was to

To assign ip addres to my clients from the server, I change some setting in windwos 2003 DHCP server as shown below..

IP range > to
IP Excluded > to
Router / Default Gateway >
DNS Server >

Then, In My (TCP/IP) Propertises, I changed as shown below..

Ip Addres >
subnet Mask >
Default Gateway >

Prefered DNs Server >

But, Now I could not ping anything except

Pls help can I solve this problem...

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Sounds like

by tmalo627 In reply to Distributing IP from Serv ...

you should change the IP address of your router to the same subnet ( so they can all communicate. Those devices are typically set statically. The configuration you put in the DHCP server is just to inform the clients of where to look for the default gateway. It will not change that IP address for you.

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Disbale the Router DHCP

by irsath In reply to Sounds like

Dear Tmalo,
I want disable the DHCP from Router, and THe ip should issue from the server.

You get my point ?

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by tmalo627 In reply to Disbale the Router DHCP

but you should still set this router statically on the new subnet. If this is your default gateway out of the network it needs to be configured as such.

Change the IP address of one computer back to the old subnet so that you can communicate with that router. Then log into that router and change its configuration to a new address on the subnet. Check the Network Configuration tab if there is one.

Hope this helps.

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