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Distributing registry edits

By greggw ·
I'm looking for information regarding the creation of .reg files. In particular pushing out registry edits to a large number of systems via a file run by logon script. Does anybody know of a good source?

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Command Line Regedit

by roys In reply to Distributing registry edi ...

There is a way of importing registry entries using Regedit.exe from the command line. This could be included in the login script.

How can I use Regedit to export a registry key from the command line?

Regedit support a /e command line switch.
To export and .Reg file from the command line or batch script, use the following syntax:

regedit /e <Drive:>\Folder\FileName.reg KeyName

Example: To export HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer, use:

regedit /e c:\zzz\reg.reg "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer"

NOTE: Quote marks are required due to spaces in the key name.

To import the file, the command is Regedit <Drive:>\Folder\FileName.reg /s (/s to stop the confirmation request)


Roy Streeter

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Importing Reg keys Silently

by ngunity In reply to Command Line Regedit

Just a quick correction

I was happy to read the solutions mentioned in this discussion before, until I tried using the '/s' switch to import Registry keys silently with no luck.

After trial & error I found you need to put the '/s' directly after 'regedit'. I.E. : "regedit /s c:\windows\key.reg"

This is obviously important to get right if you want to import keys in logon scripts.

Note this worked under Win95

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