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    Distro-independent module


    by mirrie ·

    I hope someone here can advise me.

    If I download a distro-independent Linux module, how can I get my Debian dselect to include the module in its Select list?

    Will I have to edit the sources.list file to include the directory path to the downloaded module?

    Thanks for helping me out.


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      Installing with dselect

      by mil-spec-guy ·

      In reply to Distro-independent module

      Hi: If you need to install a package on a Debian distro, dselect has a man page that should give you a lot of details on how to install it, or if you have synaptic installed and use that, it too will have a manual on how to install packages you have downloaded to a local source. If it is a tar package, then of course you have the usual route of un-tarring it, and doing a ‘configure, make, and make install’ or any of the other plethora of options available at the command prompt. Of course installing a package is done as root, so you should make sure the package comes from a ‘reputable’ source, and you don’t mention which sort of package it is, as in is it a .deb package or a tar? I know it is said a lot, but it does help to read the man page, and also see if ‘info dselect’ and ‘man syanptic’/’info synaptic’ will give you any pointers on how to do what you want to do. Also, if you Google for info, and don’t find what you want, try getting into the Debian group on Google and posting a message there, as they have a lot of gurus who may or may not answer messages. Some of the folk there get a bit hot about people posting messages without having read the manuals and info pages, but someone there should reply with information you can use to get what you want done. I currently run mostly on RPM based distros, but I am planning on adding a Debian based box into my network here. Hope this helps.

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