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div style in Firefox

By house ·
I know that this is a very common issue, but I've not had much help in using the web as a reference.

So... div is brutal... oh well.

I can use a bandaid solution here...

<div style="width: 576px; height: 515px" align="center">

I can adjust the height to 525px or 530px in order to satisfy the default text size in Firefox, but this is only a bandaid solution. I would like to be able to make this more dynamic.

I am not a programmer, nor was I responsible for the site's construction. I've taken it upon myself to solve the 'div' mystery in Firefox and have been pulling my hair out for a day or two.

Check it out...


Increase and decrease the text size and you will see what I mean. Right now, the default sucks. Somebody went and inserted a new link and threw the table out of whack.

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by softcorp.us In reply to div style in Firefox

You're right. Firefox has some issues with vertical sizing. In your case, I think you can get away with simply removing the height from the <div> in question. Putting an "x" in front of it makes it invalid and ignored but removing it would be better:

<div align="center" style="width: 576; xheight: 515">

Does this fix it for you?

Best Regards,

-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)
Pro Bono Software free for personal use

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by house In reply to

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Unbelievable. One stupid letter. Thanks for the quick and perfect response.

<div style="width: 576px; xheight: 515px" align="center">

I just dropped the 'x' in front of the height value.

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by house In reply to div style in Firefox

Point value changed by question poster.
Just a simple thank you. :)

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by house In reply to div style in Firefox

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