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    Divers for a dell


    by nixer ·

    I havea dell 8200 and a gatweay 2000 vivitron monitor. The monitor’s resolution is really terrible becuase the dell didn’t load the dirver for it.

    In device manager the unknown devices are PCI and VGA adapters. What type of driver do i need?

    I tried to run the update driver wizard and it searched the dell resource cd and didn’t find the driver it needed..


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      by 1stladytech ·

      In reply to Divers for a dell

      you need a driver for your video card, not your monitor. Look at your invoice to see which video card is installed and then load the proper driver from the resource cd.


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        Or even better

        by chris.. ·

        In reply to driver

        Hit the dell website ( they have a current config discovery tool and a section that will let you look at how the system was configed when shipped. I use this to document my systems. You can ID the Video card.. because that is the real issue here, and then hit the downloads section and grab the appropriate driver. Just make sure and read the documentation before heading off into this.

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          ya know what’s funny

          by lordinfidel ·

          In reply to Or even better

          Their “config” tool, only probes your machine and see’s what is “installed”. By installed, I mean that if the driver is loaded for it.

          So if you have a video card that you have not loaded the driver for it, the Dell tool will not list the video card in the config.

          But if you removed the sound card and installed a different one, the tool will identify the new card, not the old one that was shipped with the system.

          IMO, does their tool query their database and tell you how the unit was shipped, NO. Does it probe every piece of raw hardware, NO.

          Basically, it’s almost usesless unless you use the probe the second you receive the machine.

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          by chris.. ·

          In reply to ya know what’s funny

          You can look at the shipped configuration once your logged into the support area. So on top of the current config you have the shipped config as well.

          I have to use this tool a lot because of parts inconsistancy with Dell.

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      Wrong community

      by axwielder ·

      In reply to Divers for a dell

      There are two Dell 8200’s a Dimension and an Inspiron. It shoulds like you need to load the chipset driver before you load the video drivers.

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      Working with Dell

      by jrice ·

      In reply to Divers for a dell

      I was able to use the service tag number to deal with drivers on my new laptop. Its been my experience that if we have resolution problems with monitors its not the monitor. You mentioned a driver for the monitor and today it would be rare to require such a driver. The problem is your video card and or drivers and you should focus your search on that using your service tag number.

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