Divestment and IS

By mde_amin ·
Our company often divest group companis world over. But, we IS are not informed of such moves. This often reported in network and systems as errors after network is snapped. This gives us nightmares when we detect errors in MOM or other monitorring tools. What issues should IS bring to the notice of business before such decessions are made. What points should business keep in mind so that IS is informed of such moves?

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Executive Management needs to understand

by oldbaritone In reply to Divestment and IS

that IS infrastructure is an integral part of the business. It sounds like they don't.

While IS should NOT be a major factor in the divestment decision itself, IS should be a part of the transition planning after the decision is made.

There is always transition planning for divestment. Functions such as accounting, purchasing, and personnel need to be brought in to the divestment plan, usually on a confidential basis. Likewise, top-level IS management should be informed on a confidential basis, so the "nightmares" can be avoided.

Perhaps there is another issue, that would explain why IS is not being informed prior to the group company drops off-line. Obviously, someone at the "other end" knew about it.

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