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Division of Labor: Web vs. Applications vs DBAs vs Systems

By jbwilso ·
I manage the applications team in our shop. We frequently get tasked with implementing new applications for various busienss units. These apps have never had a home in our shop before so the question of who owns what frequently comes up.

I would love to hear about the specific duties for the Web team, DBA team, Applications team, and Systems (OS) teams with respect to where these respective duties begin and where they end. We constantly get into finger pointing sessions with the common theme being that's not my job; the x groups should do that. What's the right answer here?

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Take one person out of each team

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Division of Labor: Web vs ...

Make a business apps team. If you pick some people who are goal oriented, it should provide you a good model for a more task based set up.

I've seen places that work like you do, they spend more time on BS paperwork, arse covering and meetings than they do doing their job.

You are set up as though you aren't all working for the same goals, asthought you had multiple customer supplier relationships, that's got to be appallingly inefficient.

At the very least you'll be able to separate those that want to achieve from those who'll settle for being able to be seen as achieving.

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