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Divulging private information

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Tell us what you think about divulging private information before interviewing with a prospective employer, as featured in Monday's Career Advice e-newsletter. What information are you willing to disclose before an interview? What information are you willing to disclose during or after an interview? Have you been burned by sharing too much?

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Don't Ask Don't Tell?

by JohnnyStompanato In reply to Divulging private informa ...

This has been a sore spot with me for quite some time. I have run into situations where a salary offer is based ENTIRELY on what I currently earn. I do understand that an employer wants to pay the minimum they can get away with & that I want to get the maximum I can. I know for a fact that a company knows what the range is for a particular job & if I qualify for that position then I deserve a salary in that range regardless of what I am currently earning, even if it's much less.
It is becoming more frequent where principal companies and even recruiters INSIST on a candidate's salary information right up front along with other current and historical employment history details. It is often a game that's frequently won by the side that asksFIRST, ex; Employer:"How much are you now making?" Candidate:"What is the salary range attached to this position?" It has happened to me where negotiations ceased when this issue resulted in a stubborn standoff!
I've discovered that companies HAVEgiven out my salary on occasion. I have resorted to lying in the past about my salary when pressured & always wondered if employers are compelled to reveal this information when asked. I'd be interested to know other candidates' experiences and if anyone knows what the privacy laws are relating to salary information.
Best Regards;

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State government applications

by mark In reply to Divulging private informa ...

Does anyone know if the rules are any different with government agencies? I've applied for three different state government jobs using the same form which is required by the state. In big, bold letters it says everything must filled in order to beconsidered for the position and the form includes pay rates. This has really been bothering me because I really didn't want to give that kind of information but figured that all of these jobs were in a strict range which would be impossible to negotiate so I filled it out; more for fear of not being considered for the position than anything else.

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My Experience...

by dbgirl In reply to State government applicat ...

Those jobs are in a strict range, but your current salary information is at times used to determine where in that range they will make their offer. Of course, that is just my experience. I wouldn't suggest using false information on such an application, but I wouldn't think it is necessary to put your current salary on the application. I would suggest indicating on the application that current salary information is not available. It may keep you from getting an interview in some cases, but that could be an indication to you that maybe you don't want to go there anyway.

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