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DiY your software

By gs_serving ·
What type software will be most popular in IT times?
The ultimate goal of developing IT science and technology is to satisfy DIY which the populace individuality needs, namely each one can DIY his needful thing in his needful scope. But in the present stage, how to make DIY more easy just like mobile phone, it needs period of time to consummate. I use MyDesk to program some products, and I think MyDesk has made a good attempt on the road of DIY software and also obtain a good result. But, many always think the software development is enigmatic. Under the macro environment, if MyDesk wants to change this appearance, it still needs to do much work, and also needs a long Time!

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Who say's it's their goal ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to DiY your software

Software development is enigmatic?


It's only a mystery because you haven't learnt how to do it! It's no more enigmatic than any other engineering discipline.

If you want to program, learn how to do it, it's not difficult. You might not enjoy it, you might not be good at it. But you'll never write a good program until you do and you are.

Programming is breaking up a complex operation into simpler steps.

Language controls the size of the steps. Whether you pull a component off a pallete in MyDesk, or write out machine code, it's still programming.

Using bigger words does not make you a programmer, knowing which ones to use and when is the skill. If we could put that in a program we'd have an AI and it would DII.

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