Dlink 624 Setup

By dieg0 ·
I've looked through the posts and couldn't find an answer to my basic question.

I have a PC (win2K, sp4) connected Dlink 624 that's connected to my DSL modem. The PC does get internet access no problem.

My question: how do I connect other computers to my Dlink so that they have internet access? I will eventually want to open up my Dlink to provide wireless, but right now i just want to plug some network cables to my laptops running XP and win2K and get them on the internet. Is it a setup on my laptop or is it a setup on the Dlink admin page?

note: i want to be as secure as possible. My laptops have built in network cards.

thank you - again, i searched and either i can't find it or i don't know exactly what i'm searching for.

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Should Just Work

by SAJChurchey In reply to Dlink 624 Setup

As long as the DHCP Server is on and has a large enough pool of addresses to assign to all of the computers. Your other computers should be configured to get an IP address from the network automatically (via DHCP).

May I ask if you have an IP address like (, or

Worse case scenario, NAT (network address translation) is not functioning and you may have to turn that on somewhere in the Dlink admin page. NAT makes your internal network appear as a single IP address (the IP your ISP gives you through the modem) and allows multiple computers to share the internet connection and the router to keep the traffic between the different internal computers straight.

Let me know if you need more clarification. Usually these things just work out of the box. The only security feature you will have to configure when dealing with just wired computers is the firewall on the WAN. Make sure the firewall is enabled, and if you want to enter stricter rules go ahead, but by default most router firewalls deny all inbound connections and allow most outbound traffic.

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DHCP Server

by dieg0 In reply to Should Just Work

SAJChurchey - thank you kindly for the quick response.

If i'm understanding the Dlink admin page correctly: There are two sections under DHCP.

DHCP Server: this is currently enabled with a starting ip of

there's a lease time too.

Static DHCP: this is currently disabled.

If i go to DHCP >> Advanced (tab) >> Firewall:

Firewall rules: both enabled and disabled are unselected..a choice hasn't been made.

There are some Firewall Rules List that appear to be selected (checked).

I think I need more clarification please. I am familiar with the Dlink admin pages because i've been clicking around - I just don't know what the options mean :-)

Thank you sir.

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I'm not too familiar with the admin pages

by SAJChurchey In reply to DHCP Server

It sounds like DHCP should be enabled though. You should be able to just plug in the additional computers and the network should be operational.

What happens when you connect the other computers? If they do not work, you need to go to Start -> Run -> cmd.exe

run "ipconfig /all" in the command window and paste the output here. This will give us the IP settings, and we'll verify that those are correct.

I'll look up the manual on this router and see if I can see what you're talking about in the Firewall.

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As for the firewall

by SAJChurchey In reply to I'm not too familiar with ...

All you should need to do is choose the option to Enable the SPI Firewall. What other options are there on the Firewall configuration page?

Enabling the firewall should be enough to keep people out of your network from the outside. There may be additional settings you can configure to make the NAT more secure (depends on the model).

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DHCP .. i think is key

by dieg0 In reply to I'm not too familiar with ...

Hi - I believe you're absolutely right. I don't have DHCP enabled. I'll give it a try tonight.. thank you!!

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Good Luck

by SAJChurchey In reply to DHCP .. i think is key

It shouldn't be very difficult to enable and configure. Just make sure you have enough addresses for all of the computers that will be on your network.

Post back and let me know how it goes.

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LAN Works!

by dieg0 In reply to Good Luck

Hello SAJChurchey -

I wanted to thank you for your feedback and give you an update.

I ended up reseting my dLink. I enabled DHCP Server. I connected a machine.. and whammo.

It worked.. thanks for your tips.

Good day sir.

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No problem

by SAJChurchey In reply to LAN Works!

Glad to help and get your network functional.

If my answer was helpful. You can give me a thumbs up for helping you solve your problem.

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