Dlink DSL 2740b Wireless Router

By Pommyboy_FearFactory ·
What is the max connections i can have on the single router alone connected to a could and then citrix back into the domain, i believ its something like 8 max connections to the one device but not to sure any help would be greatly appreciated


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I'm not really sure that I understand your question here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dlink DSL 2740b Wireless ...

There are no upper limits on this type of device other than what you impose yourself. I'm assuming that you mean the number of available WiFi Connections that you can run.

But in theory you could have 2,000 or more WiFi Connections and other than being Painfully Slow to download anything off the Internet it would work.

If you are asking how many direct wired connections you can have that is simple 4 as that is how many Ethernet Ports that there are on the device. That of course doesn't mean that you couldn't Daisy Chain those 4 Ethernet Ports to Hubs/Switches and continue out to however many you actually need though.


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Wifi connections

by Pommyboy_FearFactory In reply to I'm not really sure that ...

I am talking about the wifi connections, would 26 connections to the one router impact on the bandwidth available?, or if i bought two and bridged them would the load be easier on the two?

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RE: would 26 connections to the one router impact on the bandwidth `

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wifi connections

While it would not affect the Total Bandwidth Available the individual workstations would be quite slow if they where all being used at the same time to download something from the Internet.

Here it depends on what you need to do if the individual computers all need to be active and using the Network at the same time there shouldn't be too many worries. But if they all need Internet Access at the same time the Downloads will be very slow as you will need to divide the Top Speed of the Internet Connection by the number of Computers being used and that will be the fastest speed possible. In fact it will be considerably slower but that is just a issue with the way that things work.

If you need all of the computers accessing the Internet at the same time 2 WiFi Access Points will help to relieve the loads on the Routers/WiFi Access Points but will do nothing to speed up the Internet Connection.


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