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dlink router connectivity problems then check other wireless device around.

By G... ·
I have a dlink router, 4 workstations and 3 laptops split within 3 apartments.
2 of the workstations are connected through cablesa ndthe rest are wireless. It's working just fine except that one of the neighbours has a "wireless TV" (that's the best name we found). Just a box sending cable TV data wirelessly.
When this box is on, the connection to the computers in that apartment are lost. I checked the net and didn't find anything so I called and they haven't heard about this. So... I'm stucked
The good news is those people doesn't need the TV box so often (just use it for a second TV in their room) and usually are not surfing at the same time but it's annoying. (took 2 days to find out and didn't find a "real" solution.

If anybody knows, tanx for sharing.

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by jkaras In reply to dlink router connectivity ...

I've never heard of a wireless cable box, but what the hey. I dont know much about wireless, but what type of config is it under? WEP, PSK? What channel are you on? Have you tried to change your connection to another available channel, such as your channel configured to 8 and you change it to 11? How did you figure out that it was the cable box?

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by G... In reply to Really?

Tryed to change every possible configuration on my LAN but nothing works. For the TV link (found that name in a store), I have no idea of what or how it works. It's just 2 boxes connected to a TV each. One to send and the other to receive so you don't need the cables. Nice idea but...

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Similar Problem with Dlink

by MuddyWaters In reply to dlink router connectivity ...

We have a dlink wireless..Airplus Extreme G DP724G (model number used in Malaysia).
Every time one of the neighbors turns their linksys wireless on (unsecured) , it knocks our dlink off the air and we have to change channels. It doesn't matter which channel we are using (default is set to anything but 6 and 11...the most commonly used defaults) we have to reset. They always come on channel 6. I am guessing that we then knock them off the air because they disappear (using net stumbler to monitor) then they reappear and we get knocked off again. This goes on for a few minutes until we miraculously hit a combination where both routers work okay. Don't know where exactly the neighbour day I will walk around with my notebook using net stumbler to find them and see if we can't agree on how to setup the routers so we don't interfere with each other.
Driving us nuts because we work from home.
I have scoured the net for a suggestion is to fix the IP's. Am doing that this weekend and will report if successful.

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Could you imagine to share?

by G... In reply to Similar Problem with Dlin ...

Isn't it an idea to have only one of those 2 routers on and share it with the neighbour? I'm doing so at home and it's working fine. We divide the cost in 3 (actually 2 neighbours) and since then we even upgraded our internet line.

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Change Channel

by lthompson In reply to dlink router connectivity ...

Try changing the channel of your wireless router. The wireless TV could be on the same channel as yours. Also make sure which I pretty sure it is that your wireless router is 3-6 ft. away from his wireless tv.

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Tried before but...

by G... In reply to Change Channel

It's not working to change chanel. I tried to,... even change the encryption options (even turned off) reset it and every small details available. It's jut not working. And the TV link is about 20 meters from the router and 5-6 meters from the nearest PC. I must also say that the rest of the WLAN is working fine. I mean except in the same room of the TV Link and the room behind it. There are still 3 other PC working fine.

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Yes ! True and the solution is change the TV sender..

by hozcanhan In reply to dlink router connectivity ...

Dr. G . You are right . Because both are working at the ISM band .That is 2.4 Ghz range . The TV sender/receiver pair has for channels but they are all overlapping with the dlink. There is no real solution to this interference . You have to change the sender / receiver with one that has a channel freq choosable option . Then you will be able to reset the dlink to another channel.

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thank you

by G... In reply to Yes ! True and the soluti ...

It's really nice to know but so annoying that those people (product designer and the like) cannot agree about that kind of things.
I also heard about that problem with some wireless phones. So I guess the phone, router and TV are not working in the same room. Dumb and dumber. Someone should think about that when producing those. There's enough space in the wireless world to find 2 different wave.
If they cannot do it self maybe government shoould go in like for the radios.

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