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By pgm554 ·
I was setting up a small wireless network for a friend using Dlink products (DI 514 and DWL

These were new store bought products.
I noticed that when running wireless the throughput was terrible from the internet (DSL 1.5 mb).I was getting like 99kb.
I called Dlink (it says 24x7 support) on a Sunday afternoon. Was on hold for 20 minutes,
get somebody named Jorge (obviously outsourced, overseas and English as a 3rd or 4th language) talk for 30 seconds and get cut off. I figured that talking to them was going to get me nowhere fast.

I went back to the Best Buy, bought another router and card to trouble shoot with.
As it turns out the original router and card were both bad.

My experience with Dlink:
1. Non-existent tech support
2. Rotten QA.

I've set up Linksys:
1.Talked to people within the country
2.Good phone lines and knowledgeable people that spoke English as a first language.

Sorry Dlink, I ain't gonna use or recommend your products any more.

We, as implementers and influencers of technology, need to let folks like Dlink that we?re not going to put up with this kind of crummy support. If you have a good experience with somebody like Linksys, let them know, otherwise we?ll get lousy support. If they want to outsource, it better be up to par or else!

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My experience

by Cactus Pete In reply to Dlink Tech Support

I bought a dlink AP a year ago, and the first one sent to me was bad. They quickly determined this and cross-shipped another one to me, which works splendidly. I spoke to someone who was probably in the US and spoke English as a first language.

I went with dlink because of the recommendation of my friends who had them.

There will always be someone who has a bad time with it, but a single instance can't be determining the validity of an entire company.

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I agree

by lynn In reply to My experience

We have been using DLink products for our customers for years. In that time I had only one bad product that was promptly replaced. Too often I see complaints from people with one experience and little patience. Expecting top quality support on a Sunday afternoon is a bit much.

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