dll exception anomaly

By voodoochile415 ·
a strange event occurred the other night:
i was surfing the net and, simultaneously, clearing some un needed programs from my hard drive. i selected a demo of an old game (Soldier of Fortune) for deletion through the start menu and immediately afterwards i received a ".dll exception" message and explorer had to kill itself, forcing a restart. i do not recall the exact dll file, as i sort of freaked out and later couldnt recall the exact error code. i do not think that my attempt to delete the game file caused this, i think it was coincidental, but what could have caused it? after restarting, all of my hardware devices were apparently uninstalled. every piece of hardware i own was popping up as "new hardware detected". my graphics settings were reset to default. my USB devices no longer functioned until after the system had scanned all other hardware and finally detected the USB ports. everything is basically functional at this point, but the system is running much slower for basic operations now. i de-fragged, virus-scanned, and spyware scanned to no avail. i continue to have slow speeds for basic functions (like opening/closing windows and basic programs, taking forever to begin a basic download, and the computer makes a noisier clicking sound when the hard drive is processing something) and, also, i now occasionally have lag between the audio and video tracks when i watch videos, including on youtube. my system specs are as follows:

PIII 3.0 GHz
160 GB hard drive
NVdia GeForce 7800 GS
Windows XP Home Edition

any help would be appreciated. thanks for your time!

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I disagree

by tintoman In reply to dll exception anomaly

I think this problem was almost certainly caused by uninstalling the game, now and again whenever you uninstall any software you will see a message which says something like "the system indicates the folowing file is no longer needed by any programmes - do you want to delete it?" if you said yes the chances are you have deleted at least one .dll file which is used by other programmes as an extention file or library.
I would suggest you try a system restore to an earlier date before you uninstalled the game.

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by voodoochile415 In reply to I disagree

no, im aware of that common notice, and i almost always reply "no", just in case. but this situation was strange, because it was so immediate that the error must have occurred at exactly the same moment, or even just before, i executed the uninstall procedure. thats why i believe the two events are independent. either way, i have system restore disabled unless im going through risky or questionable operations. i think it may have something to do with registry issues, but i dont know if thats valid. do you know of any TRULY free registry fix programs? most of them scan your system, tell you all of the issues with your registry, and then tell you that you have to purchase the program before it will fix it for you.
is it me or is this a very unusual situation? i would expect a much more noticeable effect on the system if it was a serious dll error. perhaps after the crash my OS is simply "catching up", and its just a matter of time before it is back to nominal speed. does that make sense? im just going off of intuition here, i dont have an enormous amount of in-depth technical PC education, but i do have a damn good intuition when it comes to these things. any other thoughts? again, thanks for your time!

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