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DLL Files

By deb6507 ·
Where would I find the dll file on the computer?

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by lowlands In reply to DLL Files

There is no "the dll file". .dll is the extension for tons of system files.

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by BFilmFan In reply to DLL Files

You would find it where the application installed it. What is the name of the file you are looking for?

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by BFilmFan In reply to DLL Files

You would find it where the application installed it. What is the name of the file you are looking for?

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by TheChas In reply to DLL Files

Where you will find a DLL (Dynamically Linked Library) file on the computer depends on the specific DLL file and how the software that uses it installed it.

Some applications will install the DLL files that are specific to the application in the folder where the program is installed.

Others install some DLL files in various shared folders.

The majority of DLL files are in the Windows\System32 folder.

DO NOT delete or replace a DLL file unless you know exactly what the DLL file is for and what the impact of a different version of the file is.

Removing or changing some DLL files can cause your system to stop or crash in the middle of booting up.


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by Blackcurrant In reply to DLL Files


if you are having a problem with a .dll - post the error message details and we will be able to offer some specific help.

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by deb6507 In reply to DLL Files

Thank you I realize that all the files on a computer is the dll files.

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by dawgit In reply to DLL Files

Hallo debby.... Blackcurrant is correct, we need a 'why' here. Did you get an error msg of some sort when you were trying to do something? -Or- was something not working correctly, and someone told you to check your 'dll files', that's were the problem was. (a 1/2 right, but also a half wrong) -or- were you told that you needed to 'clean out' your 'dll files'? DON'T (for the rest of you guys- they actually 'taught' that in some 'computer classes' a while back, I won't say where, because your tax $s paid for that krap) Now here's why you don't the files are all inter-connected. A .dll in one file could be connected to a program in another file, (that's what they do) so if you mess with one, you could 'kill' something else. Just for info, I have a friend who I thought was computer savy, He used to 'clean-out' his 'dll files' as he was taught, shortly after that I would get a call, his computer was not working. (what a supprise) Re-build time. (He finally got wise) I say all that so you know why BFilmFan, Lowlands, and TheChas, said what they did. Let us know.

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by jardinier In reply to DLL Files

If you are running any system earlier than XP, open the Windows directory and locate "WINFILE" which is accompanied by a small yellow icon that looks like a filing cabinet. Right-click and select: "Make shortcut." Reduce the size of your window -- by clicking on the two overlapped squares at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Drag the shortcut for WINFILE onto your desktop and rename it "File Manger."

This extremely handy feature carries over from Windows 3.1 days, but has a number of features that are not found in Windows Explorer, especially all the files are listed with their precise name.

Highlight "C drive," select "Search" and type in *.dll

This will bring up a list of all .dll files on your computer.

Hope this helps. I find File Manager an invaluable friend which I use a lot more often that Windows Explorer.

Alternatively, if you know the precise name of the file you are looking for, go to "Start," "Search" and you can search for a particular file or all .dll files.

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