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By AndrewDowns ·
Is it possible to enable DMA mode on any of the CD\DVD ROM Drives in Windows 2000, or is it already enabled, and if so why does Power DVD operate erratically,e.g. the sound goes away and the picture suddenly speeds up and slows down, or
it totally freezes

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by dmiles In reply to DMA

Right click on My Computer
Select Properties from the popup menu
Select the Hardware tab on the System Properties window
Click on the 'Device Manager' button - you should see a display of your systems hardware
Expand the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers branch
Right click on the IDE channel on your DVD drive resides and select properties
In the properties window select the Advanced Settings tab
Set the transfer mode for your device to DMA if available

Power DVD may need to be updated,cheeck the manufacturers web site for patch or update

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by TheChas In reply to DMA

1. The drive must support DMA mode.

2. DMA mode must be supported by the motherboard and enabled in BIOS settings for the IDE channel that the DVD drive is connected to.

As to your problem with Power DV

Do you have on-board sound, or a separate sound card?
Many on-board sound systems use CPU and memory resources. They WILL skip and stutter when you run ANY CPU intensive application, such as a DVD decoder.

If you do not have on-board sound, try updating the IDE driver for your motherboard.


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