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DMCA Suit filed against student.

By dnvrtechgrrl ·
Reuters has posted a news story regarding a suit filed against a student that published a paper on the internet detailing how to bypass the SunnComm CD copyright protection.

SunnComm is stating this is a violation of the DMCA and that using a particular artist to detail the paper caused a loss in excess of $10 million.

Reportedly, the paper lists a dll file that can be removed, therefor blocking the copyright issue, or simply holding down the shift key while the CD is inserted into the drive.

For those that understand the DMCA, is this a liable suit?

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The very first line of the DMCA states

by maxwell edison In reply to DMCA Suit filed against s ...

Sec. 1201. - Circumvention of copyright protection systems

"No person shall circumvent a technological measure that effectively controls access to a work protected under this title."

Whether or not it's fair is another issue. But as far as following the "letter of the law", it sounds pretty cut and dry to me.

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Did he actually copy CD's???

by tcronin In reply to DMCA Suit filed against s ...

If the only thing he did was share information on how to circumnavigate (a poorly designed) security system then he has done nothing wrong. It was not inciteful and malicious intent. His words will undoubtedly fall under the Freedom of Speech" clause that our government has so nicely inserted into our Constitution. He didn't yell "Fire!!!" in a crowded theatre. As for lost revenues, the developer of such a poor security system should foot the bill. I think it is frivilous and should be thrown out of court - sounds like they are trying to scare people from sharing information.

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