DMI configuration

By richard.eisenhauer ·
Hello, does anybody know how to readout the DMI configuration in DOS mode (without starting Windows at all)?

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Using DMI236.EXE

by vinitogupta In reply to DMI configuration

Use the command line DMI236.EXE /g /n /s[m|p|v|s] string |/c[m|v|s|a] string| /b[m|p|v|s] to save or update the DMI information.
The parameters to add information are listed below:
Save Manufacturer, Product Name, Version, Serial Number and UUID in Type 1. and Manufacturer, Product, Version and Serial Number in Type 2, to file UPDATE.BIN

Write data from UPDATE.BIN (made from using /g parameter) to DMI

/ss "String"
system serial number string

/sm "String"
system manufacturer name string

/sp "String"
system product identification string

/sv "String"
system version string

/bs "String"
mainboard serial number string

/bm "String"
mainboard manufacturer name string

/bp "String"
mainboard product identification string

/bv "String"
mainboard version string

/cs "String"
chassis serial number string

/cm "String"
chassis manufacturer name string

/ca "String"
chassis asset tag string

/cv "String"
chassis version string

Here is the simple example for that:
DMI236 /ca "abc1234", abc1234 is your chassis asset tag string.

DMI236 /ss "123456", 123456 is your system serial number.


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Problems with the tool

by richard.eisenhauer In reply to Using DMI236.EXE

Hi, I tested the tool but I always get the following message when I enter dmi236 /p or dmi236 /g

Error Number = 30000081
It is PnP Function error !
Function Number = 0
Command Number = 0
Error happan in subroutine #0
Error Description :
PnP functions return code : 0x81, Unknow, or invalid, function number passed.

Do you have an idea? Or is it just useful for a special BIOS manufacturer? I use a phoenix BIOS.

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