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By p4r1tyb1t ·
We are a small non profit organization, with web server, domain server, dns server, and dhc server running on the same windows 2003 SBC box! I am new to all this, problem I have is that when ever I type the domain name of my organization, from a computer on LAN, it connects me to router! dns server forwards the requests to ISP domain servers! if I type the name of the server i.e: http://myserver it works!
All the machine point to in house dns server, and
gateway to router! Server ip address is statically assigned! Router ports are forwarded properly!

Any help would be appriciated!


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to DNS

Sorry, I don`t understand what problem you are having? Is this a web browser problem or something else?

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by ICB's corner In reply to DNS

You must register domain, www.domain in dns as alias of myserver. Verify with ping domain or www.domain.

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by CG IT In reply to DNS

If you are trying to resolve your FQDN [.com/.net extension] and your internal domain is a .local or anything other than public domains [which W2003 server configures a non public extension by default], your DNS server is doing the right thing. It can not resolve a .com/.net public domain therefore forwards the query to public DNS servers for resolution.

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by p4r1tyb1t In reply to DNS

I forgot to add this; when ever I type my static IP address from LAN it connects me to the router but from out side it connects me properly! I hope this helps!

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Basic Questions

by jpeoples In reply to

Need to have you answer a few questions before we can answer yours.
1. What is your Internet domain name?
2. What is your AD domain name?
3. What are the addresses of both (inside and outside) interfaces of your router?
4. What functions are you trying to acomplish with this server?
5. Are you using the default Microsoft configuration settings on the server?

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