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    I am having trouble with a small network setup, I have a windows 2003 server and 2 windows xp pro clients, I have setup the broadband router (dlink g604t) i am only able to get the broadband to work properly if i use the dhcp on the router, i cant get it to work with dhcp from the server or manually configured ip’s, that is not really a problem, however network logon now takes around five minutes, i presume because the clients do not see the 2003 server as a dns server, they are looking to the router/internet first

    any suggestions would be appreciated, either to setup some sort of lookup zone on the server and change the dns settings on each machine or whether i can setup some sort of dns forward on the router for internal addresses

    many thanks

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      by cg it ·

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      humm, it’s DNS and probably clients looking for your ISP DNS server [they get that from the router’s DHCP] rather than your DC.

      You should be able to run DHCP on your network via the server rather than having to use the router’s DHCP service but… for the log on, in DHCP create a pool of reserved IP addresses for . Use one for the server [DC]. create options in DHCP which specifies router IP, DNS IP, blah blah. enable fowarders in DNS on the server.

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      i think it is because the server dns is not forwarding the requests to the internet and it cannot resolve them locally.
      did you see this article?
      Frequently asked questions about Windows 2000 DNS and Windows Server 2003 DNS;en-us;291382

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      by hozcanhan ·

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      mike hi ; yes sometimes the brand of the router you mentioned doesn’t “behave well” and “force” you to use its dhcp . Let the XP clients get their ip from the dlink . Naturally your gateway address is the ip of the dlink. In the network neighbourhood properties of the tcp binding choose advanced tab and add the ip s of the 2003 server and ips of the DNSs stated in the info page of the dlink’s wan management page . thus you will have a primary , a secondary and other DNSs in the DNS page . Move the ip of the 2003 server to top position . Also do the forwarding configurations on your 2003 DNS server as suggested in the other answers. If you set a static ip for the 2003 server don’t forget to exclude that range from the dhcp server’s pool.

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      by acecc ·

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      Windows server must have two network cards, one for your LAN and one for the Router connection.
      Seems the problem exist at the Data Link Layer?

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