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By CGriffith318 ·
I just upgraded from Win NT 4.0 to Win2k3. The company was already using the Domain name BCSI. So I had to keep that. I have already installed AD and installed DNS. But when I try to do an nslookup on the server, for the xxxx.BCSI, to verify it is working. It says can't finder name for address : Timed Out. Default Server: Unknown Address:

Its setup as a Forwardlookup zone. It is setup for intergration with Active Directory.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Thats too little info

by zlitocook In reply to DNS

And this is not the place to start. Go to the technical Q/A section. But they may not be any help, You need to find out what your company did before it upgraded. Did any one check all software, hareware and how your NT servers are used? Look to and search on upgrading, there is alot of prep. work that needs to be done. I have done consulting at two companys that just upgraded with out researching first. One went fine with alot of upgrades the other was a disaster, they had to reinstall NT servers from tapes and lost alot of data. And then patch the servers and update workstations. We should have compleated the contract in two weeks. But we are on a hold untill the IT director can explane why she told us to start. It is likely she will be gone when I go back.

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by CGriffith318 In reply to Thats too little info

I did post it in Technical Q&A but I have had more luck with people assisting in discussion then in Technical Q&A nobody ever responds.

Yes all software and hardware that needed to be upgraded was upgraded.

This particular server was a PDC server. They did an upgrade to Win2k3. They installed Active Directory and then installed DNS. Then configured DNS to do Forward Lookups and then send requests to the ISP if unable to resolve.

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More info required

by Matrixcsl In reply to DNS


Need more info to help you with this. What is your IP range, is your server a DHCP server also?

Do clients obtain IP addresses automatically or they all have a static IP? Is it ONE domain only?

Have you checked your DHCP scope for errors with this particular IP address? Can you ping the IP address?

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by CGriffith318 In reply to More info required

IP Range is : -
They are static IPs.
One domain.
No DHCP server.
Yes I can ping the address.

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