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By hydveda ·
Hi, How does one setup his own DNS server? An internet DNS i mean to say... Can a DNS in windows 2000 server can also be an internet DNS server? If yes then how can the server replicate the records from other DNS servers? Can anyone explain me the process??


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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to DNS.

on this link there are whitepapers and demos.

in very short :
wehn you register a domain name, you need to specify which dns servers you are going to use , theirs or yours.
so when you choose yours (with the internet ip) whenever you ask for a domain and it's not on your dns it goes to the people you registered with and goes forward till it finds the request.
and vice verse if people are looking for a server of yours ( an email server for example) , it comes back from the root, to the people you registered with , to you.


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by hydveda In reply to

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by LordInfidel In reply to DNS.

To explain the process of how to set up DNS is extremely long. But Here are some key points:

1. MS DNS service is extremely easy to set up, but should not be used for the public to query against. This is because the underlying OS is usually insecure.

2. When you set up a domain name, you need to specify 2 Name Servers. You can not register a domain name without having 2 Name servers.

3. A domain in DNS is called a Zone. For every zone table there is a Master. It is on the master zone table that you update your records.

You also can have slaves to the Master, whereby the slave name servers receives updates from the Master Zone server. This is done by 2 mechanisms, A) by incrementing the serial number on the master zone table and B) by trasnferring the zone to the slave servers over TCP/53.

Only server to server communication occurs over tcp. All client requests go over UDP/53

4. BIND (berkely internet name domain) is the de facto software that DNS runs on. Typically you will run this on a *nix box (linux, bsd, sun, etc). Typically a DNS box only serves up DNS queries and is a Bastion Host. The DNS service will also typically live in a CHROOT Jail, and the server itself in an untrusted DMZ.

DNS Boxes are easy prey for attackers, as they are the most visible server that offers public access, second only to a firewall.

The book you want to get and worship, to learn about DNS and BIND, is none other than "DNS and BIND" from O'reilly.

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by hydveda In reply to

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by hydveda In reply to DNS.

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