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By GillesNault ·
I have installed WIndows 2003 Server.
I would like to install ACTIVE DIRECTORY
My problem How configure DNS ???.
I suggest my www....registred name..
It not reconize my DNS name.
Because i would like install Exchange Server 2003 entrepriseEdition.


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by LordInfidel In reply to DNS

before you can install AD you have to install DNS.

I never reccomend using a public DNS domain for AD. That means, no .com , net or org. This is because AD domains falls under the category of internal networks.

Also when you use a top level domain such as com or net, your dns server will want to contact the root servers to verify the domain.

However if you name the domain like: companyname.local you will be safe. A big problem that I see alot is when people name their AD domain a name that is already being used by another company.

When you install exchnage, it does not matter that the domain is companyname.local. Because exchange, like most mail servers, has the ability to answer for multiple domain names. Which means if you plan on using your exch server for public e-mail. You would just need to tell exch to route requests for your public domain.

But if you use www.companyname.local then your domain would become www.companyname.local and any computers attachedto the network would be computername.www.companyname.local.

Reason is, www is merely a host name. But if you create a zone of www.companyname.local , it is no longer a host but now a subdomain of companyname.local. Get it?

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