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    i am facing very strange problem. I have very small setup in my branch office. One ADS and in that ISA. it has some problem so i went there and i can’t recover that problems, i formated the ADS server , install and configure DNS till now every thing fine. But in this i have two NIC s one for local and one for external IP. so i installed in that ISA server. when i install ISA server the external IP is automatically regester in my LOCAL DNS. so when i check the NSLOOKUP i am getting error and if i ping with my local DNS it is pointing out external IP. i had done this type of sam e setup number of times with out problems.pls help me.

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      What is the exact issue

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      Exactly what issue are you having?

      You local clients should attempt to resolve to local DNS and if there is no record for the system in it, it should forward to the Internet based on whatever rules you have set up in ISA.

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        DNS with ISA

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        exactly want i want you said, if the user want to access local server the DNS query from client will go to local DNS server then the local DNS server can resolve this, if clent want to go then the query first will go to local , it can’t find there any entry for this host so it will forward to ISP DNS , (I configured DNS forwarder in my local DNS).in this i installed ISA server and after installing ISA when i ping local DNS with name it is pointing (Pinging) with ISP IP address. When i see in my local DNS it is regestrred with some name and ISP IP.

        i am littile bit confused why the ISA ip automatically binding in LOCAL DNS.

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