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By pwiltshire ·
I'm currently preparing a new server which is running win2k server. This will act as the new domain controller.
The question i have is, we currently use an outside dns server so do i need to setup the dns server within win2k server? or can i just let it use the outside dns and just use wins to translate internal names?

Many thanks

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Wins No

by LordInfidel In reply to DNS

If this is an AD domain, you will need DNS setup.

It is possible to use an external DNS for the domain, but I would not reccomend it. Plus the DNS server would need to accept dynamic updates.

Don't get yourself confused with DNS for AD and DNS for the net. While they are integrated and the same thing, they both serve different functions.

DNS is crucial and absolutely necessary for AD to work. It is the cornerstone of AD.

However, you can make it so that your local DNS server thatAD is using to update for it's clients can resolve requests for the net. Setting up a dns server that has a routable IP to the net will have the ability to query the root servers.

If this does not ring bells for you. I **Strongly** suggest reading up on 2K and AD. Know it inside and out before deploying it.

Get Inside Win2k server by William Roswell published by New Riders.

Also the 2K server resource kit set is pretty good and is packed with design information.

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by pwiltshire In reply to Wins No

So how do i setup the DNS server to utilise both external DNS and local for the active directory? I just need the basics at the moment.


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One simple approach...

by eBob In reply to DNS

Just install DNS. Let it install a root cache file, which tells your internal DNS how to resolve to the Internet. This way your users who need to hit "" can do so.

Then set up a zone for "", on your internal DNS. Then setup the various records inside that domain. Typically "A" records for your servers, and "sub zones" for departments.

So you'll have "" pointed to, and "" at, etc.

You should make sure that your DNS is not feeding this domain out to your ISP. You do not want to reveal your internal structure to the outside world.

With this setup, you will need to maintain records for "external" boxes, manually. For example, you will need to create an "A" record for "" pointing to and so on.

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