DNS Address Wrong In DHCP Scope

By kweli ·
I have a Windows 2003 server running DHCP to several clients runing mostly XP Pro. Many of the clients intermittently pull a DNS address of in their scope when the address they should receive is When the faulty address is pulled applications such as exchange e-mail and many things runing from the server at hang and won't launch.

IPCONFIG/RENEW from the DOS prompt renews the lease coeerctly every time. Does anyone have an idea as to the source and cause of the faulty DNS address within the scope?

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that is a problem

by CG IT In reply to DNS Address Wrong In DHCP ...

might check the options in DHCP see if the DNS address listed there is correct.

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just the DNS entry?

by lowlands In reply to DNS Address Wrong In DHCP ...

Or is the IP address the client gets wrong as well?

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Any VPN Connections? Other Sources for DNS

by DHouchin In reply to DNS Address Wrong In DHCP ...

1) Check the ROUTER entry in both the Server Options and the Scope Options on your DHCP Server.

2) Check the TCP/IP properties on any VPN or additional network connections to see if they are using statically defined DNS.

3) Make sure you don't have another network device (like a Linksys router) operating as a DHCP Server. Normally, this would shut down the MS DHCP server, so this is unlikely, but possible depending on your environment.

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DNS Address Wrong In DHCP Scope

by huoml In reply to DNS Address Wrong In DHCP ...

You could check if the clients have preferred/Alternate DNS entries in TCP/IP settings, or choose 'obtain DNS server address automatically' option for DNS entries.


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