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DNS and Active Directory

By sam_alderete ·
Hello i'm new in Windows 2003. i just finish installed a windows server 2003 enterprise edition and i have a client also a windows xp pro. i just want to know how to create a domain controller. right now im having problem how to create a dns server. how to configure it so i can create a active directory. please help me

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by gpartridge In reply to DNS and Active Directory

Click Start -> Run -> type "dcpromo" and click OK

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by BFilmFan In reply to DNS and Active Directory

You will need DNS running before you attempt to create a domain controller.

Check here for a number of articles on how to configure DNS:

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by sgt_shultz In reply to DNS and Active Directory

just use the Configure your Server wizard. you can 'undo' (uninstall dns) it if you don't like how it works, so just go for it. if you can't figure out names, just make something up for now.
go ahead and create a reverse lookup zone. to make up a name for the reverse zone, use the network address you are running like maybe like 10.0.0
configure the server to point to itself (localhost - for its dns resolution.
configure the client updates for allow - secure only
then see if the internet works. see if you can ping clients by name. the xp client should register itself in about 15 minutes...
type 'ipconfig /registerdns at a command line on the xp client to force it to register right away.
if you find you have no internet access, remove the asterisk (if one exists) from the root hints. and configure a forwarder to your isp's dns server(s)
after you get dns 'up' you can use the configure your server wizard to install AD. or use 'dcpromo' command line as suggested.
use the netdiag in the Tools folder on the win2k3 cd to play/test at the client. it'll report the dns server it thinks it should be using and ping it for connectivity.
are you using dhcp? is the dhcp server your win2k3 box or are you using the dsl router or something? you may need to configure the gateway manually on the xp client if you are not using dhcp server on the win2k server
is that the kind of help you need?

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by jason In reply to DNS and Active Directory

run "dcpromo"

it takes you through the wizard to make it a domain controller. It will also setup dns and dhcp and all for you.

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