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I have a window server 2008 server which is a domain controller however, I cannot put any client computers on to that domain: I get the following error (please see screenshots).

NOTE: The ISP (cablevision) didnt provide a static ip address so if you look at the wireless router configuration everything is on dynamic and ONLY DHCP IS ENABLE ON WIRELESS


All I want to do is point the DNS to the server (look at screenshots)
Installed DHCP Server (but which ip ranges I need to put there) I assume if DHCP is installed successfully on the server than I would go the wireless router config and uncheck DHCP from the router?

I have been working on this for a quite bit long now. I can use all the professional help on this so I can resolved this issue.

here are all the screenshots:

Here is the topology for the office:
ISP Modem

Wireless Net gear router is connected to the ISP Modem
In the Wireless router: The server and the client computer is connected to it.
There is a switch connected to the wireless router as well and there is only printer/copier connected to the switch (thats all)..

Server Side:

Windows Server 2008
DNS is installed (but the dns event is giving errors please refer to the screenshots)
AD is installed
Network Policy and Access Service is installed and enable as well

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The WLAN is the same network as the wired LAN of course

by robo_dev In reply to DNS AND DHCP ISSUES ON SE ...

You need to disable DHCP in the router and make sure your DHCP scope in the server does not overlap with the router IP address, of course.

You should set a static IP for the printer, the server itself, and the router.

I cannot see your screenshots...what DNS errors are you getting?

Windows by default will use the default gateway as the DNS server, so as long as DHCP and DNS services are running in the server, that should work.

One potential issue is if by chance the switch is mis-negotiating the link speed/duplex with the router Ethernet port, this may make DHCP not work. As a test, make sure the server and the workstation are plugged into the same switch.

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Reponse To Answer

by ITSys_Pro In reply to The WLAN is the same netw ...


I disable the DHCP on the router

and installed DHCP on the server but what address im putting in starting and eding ip?

These are the wired devies i have:
server address is
Client desktop is:

this is LAN TCP/IP:


"The DNS server encountered error 32 attempting to load zone my company.local from Active Directory. The DNS server will attempt to load this zone again on the next timeout cycle. This can be caused by high Active Directory load and may be a transient condition."

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i would use a range from to 100

by robo_dev In reply to DNS AND DHCP ISSUES ON SE ...

Is this just a single stand-alone server, not a remote domain controller or anything?

Error 32 is pertty generic in that it says the DNS server is not happy.

How many NICs in the server? My first guess is the default gateway is not sert properly, which will mess up DNS service.

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